Black Sabbath - over to you текст песни

Born in a window, nobody's fool
Raised in a prison, you called a school
Taught your religion, told what to do
I handed my childhood, over to you

Travelling endlessly
I'm searching my mind
I'm almost afraid of what I will find
Wandering aimlessly
Oh what can I do?
I handed my future over to you, to you

Over to you future looks blue
What can I do?

Working for freedom, fighting your wars
Feeding your children, keeping your laws
Someday you'll suffer then
What I'll do
I'll hand all your promises, over to you

Standing inside myself, I'm losing control
You made me believe in the stories you told
Waiting impatiently, what else can I do?
I handed my future over to you, to you

Sisters of sadness, sealled in their cell
Whispering secrets, what to they tell?
Mad politicians can't tell it true
I handed my children, over to you

All over, over to you...

Текст песни Black Sabbath - over to you over to you
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