Black Sabbath - juniors eyes текст песни

Junior's eyes, looked up to the skies in tears
He prayed that his maker
The giver and taker would hear
Junior sighed, as his hands reached out to the sky
Junior cried, the day that his best friend died

You're coming home again tomorrow
I'm sorry it won't be for long
With all the pain I've watched you live within
I'll try my hardest not to cry
When it is time to say goodbye

Junior's eyes, they couldn't disguise the pain
His father was leaving
And Junior's grieving again
Innocent eyes, watched the man who had gave everything
Junior's sorrow, he knew what tomorrow would bring

Junior's eyes, looked into the skies once more
Now he knew well, this life was hell and for sure
He desp'rately tried, his fingertips stretched to the stars, yeah
Reaching for reason, along with the time and the stars

Текст песни Black Sabbath - juniors eyes juniors eyes
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