Black Sabbath - Immaculate Deception (tab) текст песни

In the daylight comes darkness
On the verge of night a fear is born
Sweeter than the dream, the reality of you
Immaculate deception, deception

From the spirit runs poison
And the wheel of fortune is ever still
Sweeter than the light, the darkness of your soul
Immaculate deception, deception

Something has touched the spirit inside
Once there was love, now there's a void
Nights of deception ghosts in my mind
Am I bewitched, slave to desire?

It's knowing that time keeps rolling on
Night after day, day after night
It's knowing that feeling of coming home
To where my spirit lies

Текст песни Black Sabbath - Immaculate Deception (tab) Immaculate Deception (tab)
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