Black Sabbath - Evil Eye (tab) текст песни

Something about the way that you look on me
You watch every move, every word, every fantasy
Got no time for love somethin' on your mind
Got the face of an angel, but the stare from a devil inside

I got hell lookin' up, heaven looking down
People say the woman's got an evil eye
I got hell lookin' up, heaven's looking down
Free me from the woman with the evil eye

I turned away but still I see your evil stare
Trapped inside my dreams; I know you're there
Thoughts of happiness - you destroyed them all
First inside my head then inside my soul

Oh, here you are inside my head
Burning dreams; am I dead?
Ooh, I'm floatin' in space and time
These thoughts, they can't be mine

Текст песни Black Sabbath - Evil Eye (tab) Evil Eye (tab)
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