Black Sabbath - country girl текст песни

Fell in love with a country girl, mornin' sunshine,
She was up from a nether world, just to bust another soul
Her eyes were an endless flame, unholy lady
Desire wore a special name, made to snatch
Your soul away, yeah

We sailed away on a crimson tide,
Down the river,
Left my heart on the other side
All to break it into bits
Her smile was a winter song
A Sabbath ending
Don't sleep or you'll find me gone
Just an image in the air, oh yeah

In dreams I think of you
I don't know what to do with myself
Time has let me down
She brings broken dreams, falling stars
The endless search for where you are
So Wrong, so wrong, so wrong, so wrong

Don't sail away on a crimson tide
Don't leave your heart on another side
She rides on an endless flame
Desire wanna scratch your name
Don't ever fall in love
Don't give your heart away
Don't ever, never fall in love
With a country girl!

Текст песни Black Sabbath - country girl country girl
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