Bee Gees - With My Eyes Closed текст песни

Say you never send me awayMakin' me a memory andTellin' me to find me a lifeChange, there's nothing changingWhat cannot be changedAnd you are witness to a silent conversation,Nothin' but the black of night,No-one ever takes your placeGotta let the pantomimePlayNot to worry, my telepathyI bring you into me there's be no seperationAnd I tell youI will climb inside your worldAnd all my historyMust revolve around this girlAnd I can see you with my eyes closedI can feel you when you're near meJust the knowing that youHear me, could beYou could measure my loveI can touch you with my hands tiedIt don't take no extra feelingLet your imagination, just runYou can measure my loveAnd they tell youThey can stop these tears you cryAnd we can ride this storm togetherAnd all the love that lasts foreverAnd forever, and foreverCling to the vine and the vine never breaksIt's a message from a ship to storeFor the soul and the sacrificePainThere's no fury,Like a womwn scorned,We could be victims of a lethal combinationIt's the hourIt's the sword that hides the stoneAnd one of us holds the powerThere to forge our hearts togetherHere forever, and forever

Текст песни Bee Gees - With My Eyes Closed With My Eyes Closed
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