Bee Gees - True Confessions текст песни

Im not the one in search of friction

Im not the one to look for fights

When it gets down to me and you

I think it over twice

We sing the same song

With it all subject to change

There is another place in time, girl

You and I will meet again

I saw the signs I never knew

Didnt have enough on you to follow through

Call it innocent or guilty

Inside you, its still me


Oooh, whose word you gonna take

Whose heart you gonna break

Not mine

If I believe your true confessions

Im never gonna make it

You know you hurt me for the very last time

I need you darlin, and it tears me apart

And if someone comes between us

Its the death of my heart

I think about you and I paint a picture

You wanna love above the law

And you got a taste for adventure

Its what youre livin for

We say the same lies

Anyone to crucify

Were the victims of the same sensations

I can be as bad as you

I step aside, you can understand

I wont stand in the way but I will if I can

Not to be your judge and jury

Its still you inside me


My gun is loaded and Im ready for war

I come and get you and I kick down the door

Theres no way, I cant let you leave

Im not working for the enemy


Текст песни Bee Gees - True Confessions True Confessions
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