Bee Gees - Dimensions текст песни

Hindside don't make it right
she give me trouble enough
and she's a ball of light.
I'm in the tunnel of love
with the American dream.
And I was born too soon.-
A little good luck
never stuck
She got me climbing the walls
got me hand as a rock
wihin a city of sin
she got a city lock
And she was barkin' at the moon

She likes to show so many sides to her
And I'd be the one to know

When am I gonna go to your demension
when am I gonna go to where you are
when am I gonna go to your demension
Dimensions of each other keep us going strong

Black knight
take a bite
she can double it up
And she's way of life
And whether dead or alive
She got a fix on me
And I was dancin' in the fire -
A little white steam
never seen
in every muscle and bone
she was a love machine
And she could wrestle me down
and get a tasteof me
in her web of desire.

She changed my world How can the body know
It's touching me or her


Текст песни Bee Gees - Dimensions Dimensions
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