Battlelore - Attack Of The Orcs текст песни

Snarling and shooting, blood Alchan
Melkora1 servants, evil god
Rush to the wolves. Night rider.
Horde Eye. Ebon Blade.

They will take down your villages and destroy your camp.
Defile your cattle and cut out your wives.
Under cover of darkness, they will come.
Hearing the screams - get ready for a fight.
Black skin, sharp teeth, animal eyes,
Perverted mind. No more like this tribe.
No mercy, no prisoners. Death - their method.
Fire and steel shall perish.

Warriors of the Red Oka2. Horde witch.
Plunged his sword into the heart of the traitors.
The worst enemy of the west - the servant of the sun.
Kill them for their lord, the dark of the dark!

People Gondora3! Lotlorien4 elves!
Dwarves from the north! Be strong!
Keep the system and stay to the end!
Weapons at the ready!

As they approach the wave
Punching its way through our system.
How many of them!
Evil incarnate.
Do not be afraid of them, just prayed!

Elven mockery now our enemy!
Against us, the people of the stars.
What evil they could see?
It is impossible to imagine the tortures that they feel!

Текст песни Battlelore - Attack Of The Orcs Attack Of The Orcs
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