Barbra Streisand - Wait текст песни

Wait before we take another breath.

Weve lived another moment of our lives.

And now its fast becoming then.

Wait before you take your lips from mine.

How quickly where we are is where weve been.

And give is given.

Once before I knew that Id be yours

A moment didnt seem a thing at all.

Just like a penny at a fair.

Once I never dreamed thered come a time

When time would need another day

Another week, another year with you.

Forever doesnt mean forever anymore.

Wait before we take another breath,

Before you take your lips away from mine,

And where we are is where weve been.

Oh wait...

When youre in love the way we are,

When every kiss and every touch,

And every nite is like a dream come true

Its then you realize how small forever is.

As I now I do.

Thats why I treasure all the moments of my life

With you.

Текст песни Barbra Streisand - Wait Wait
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