Bad Boys Blue - A Train to Nowhere текст песни

I walk around and I tried to hide.
Cause your eyes.
They're telling me good-bye .

I drive my car, hear the radio.
Playing songs that go round and around in my mind.

(Why can't you believe that I'm right?
Why can't you realize there are feelings inside?)


A train to nowhere that we are riding.
We're riding over and over again.
A train to nowhere.
And we are gliding.
A way that never may happen again.
A train to nowhere.

So late at night when I want you home.
You said No!
I would like to stay alone.

What have I done that you turn this way?
What has happened to us?
Now our love has gone.

(Why don't you believe in your heart?
Why don't you agree to say sorry and hark?)


Текст песни Bad Boys Blue - A Train to Nowhere A Train to Nowhere
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