Backyard Babies - 8-balled текст песни

I've seen you in the nightclub,
i've seen you dressed up right
but your heart's not beating through your
pale white skin.thats how i know that you'll
never win
ah,ah,it's just a dead end.and there ain't no
turning back.i took your place you were a king
for a day.but somehow you never learn.
i didn't ask for this it's just the way things turn
and it hurts to go down in flames
ah,ah, it's just a dead end,and there ain't no
turning got eightballs baby as a mattress
in your bed,13 tattooed on the back of your head
where will you go when all the things you see are black
you try to change,maybe grow young,jump on a
bandwagon and lose,it's just a dead end
and there ain't no turning back

Текст песни Backyard Babies - 8-balled 8-balled
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