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It is the 21st century. The Final Experiment has failed. The final devastating war that
was foretold by the blind minstrel Ayreon has indeed come to pass. The war has destroyed
all life on Earth, making it completely uninhabitable. I hover above my own dead body...
[Lana Lane]
Silence fills the air
Echoes fade away
Of sadness and despair
On that cruel and fateful day
My body lies motionless
Upon the kitchen floor
The Earth has died, the world's at rest
Many centuries ago
In a dark enchanted land
Our fate had been foretold
By a poor misguided man
We carried on down the road we chose
The path of nevermore
The journey ends, the book is closed
And now I have to leave, my work on earth is done
I'm heading for the planet known as Mars
To the last of its race, the final newborn son
Before I start my voyage to the stars

Текст песни Ayreon - 2084 2084
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