Arabesque - A New Sensation текст песни

All winter I'd been so alone

My heart was freezing to the bone

A nightmare

(A nightmare)

My future life was in the dark

Until I met you in the park

Hey hi-there

(Hey hi-there)

At first you were only a stranger

(A total stranger)

But now you mean so much to me


A new sensation

Pure temptation

Good vibration

I've been in love before

But now it's so much more


A new sensation


Fancy, I love you, I love you

The magic of three little words

Means more than all the universe to me


This lovely summer holiday

Is like no other holiday

I'm dreaming

(I'm dreaming)

An island just for you and me

A beach where no one else can see

Me dreaming

(I'm dreaming)

One kiss and the world seems to vanish

(It seems to vanish)

When I feel the heavenly bliss

* (Repeat)

** Repeat

I can see the lovelights burn

On the point of no return

Текст песни Arabesque - A New Sensation A New Sensation
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