Annie Haslam - A New Life текст песни

All those years you spent alone
all that wasted time
wondering if this would change
always the same
in your heart you're crying

Then one day someone appears
you don't even know
you don't have to say a word
when you realise
that love's arrived
and this time here to stay

Love comes to you
you've waited such a long time
now you're complete
and you're love

Yesterday was very hard
nowhere else to turn
now the timing's right you know
when you turn around
and there's not a sound
but a silent look of love


Many days you've wanted to
enter a new life
now your troubles disappear
and the struggle dies

Sometimes when you think out loud
miracles come true
there's the proof in every day
you hear him say a new life


Текст песни Annie Haslam - A New Life A New Life
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Исполнитель: Annie Haslam

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