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Hi daddy, it's Nicole
When are you coming home?
I miss you baby
I hope you're havin some nice fun

I been around the world (what?) and it's A Million Girls (true)
I been around the world (what?) and it's A Million Girls (true)
I been around the world (what?) and it's A Million Girls (true)
I been around the world (what?) and it's A Million Girls
A Million Girls

Yo it's funny, hoes wanna give you they heart
when your jam's at the top of the charts
But you can't play me like a game of spades
cause the A.M. is afraid of babes
I seen many come and I seen 'em go
I came with a few and released my flow
I'm back, but without the booties I'm chillin
I used to get that feelin I'm stackin A Million
Now baby, I'm used to the hoes and tramps
livin in the home of the one night stand
Jump in the ride, then I'm dickin you down
You couldn't tell me nothin, I was more than a hound
Redbones and jiggable pies, big booties in the thighs
Long haired freaks with pretty eyes
I was on the road, ballin' outta control
Pockets on swoll, then I lost my soul
Now give me that joint to hit
Every girl was a bitch and a bitch ain't shit
The world was a pussy and it's all for my dick
I had it goin on, then I started to slip, why?


It used to be a three-oh-fo' thing, a big ol' hoe thing
State to state, fly hoes to mate
Up under the covers, lover lovers with rubbers
If they knew my name, then they knew my fame
And the game was tough, didn't know who to trust
Love wasn't a must, just a cutie to bust
And it got kinda lonely, cause they really didn't know me
but they knew I was the one and only, and
what goes up, must come down
And when it came down, nobody was around
The freaks and the fleas and the G's was gone
No crew, no boo, so I sing this song and uh
I gotta get back on track
cause a nigga didn't know how to act
Livin in the fastlane makes you go a little
insane in the brain, but it's all the same


Nowadays, I'm lookin for the one love shot
Not with me cause of what I got, or what they think I got
Cause some ladies wanna choose and abuse
but I ain't gettin used, like them other fools
Buyin cars and, treat 'em like movie stars
Baby do you even know who you are?
You can't step to the A.M., and think you gon' play him
I ain't sayin no names, but I probably should say 'em
And a lot of y'all probably can't handle this
cause you don't think y'all act scandalous
And you never been checked like this
So when I'm gone, baby you can reminisce
But really though, you're just a silly hoe
And you gots no shame, and you to blame
But you're young, and you're full of cum
and they say, Go on girl
But bitch I been around the world

I been around the world..
I been around the world..

[Chorus 1.5X w/o what and true]

I been around the world..

Текст песни AMG - Around the World Around the World
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