Amel Larrieux - All I Got текст песни

Got these feet
in these shoes
they walked a mile or two,
got these legs
they've done work
that's left them black and blue,
got these hips
they are wide
but they know how to move,
got these hands
to lift the weak
or slap down a racist fool

This is all I
this is all I got

Got this place
I call my home
but it's no Taj Mahal,
got these pockets
they ain't full grown
but I won't steal from no one,
got this heart
well it's been broke
but it's beating strong,
got this song
it ain't much
but it helps me carry on


Got a will
that lifts me up
when my body can't
got a way
of getting' through
with no helping hands
got a mind
that lends me strength
so I ain't afraid to stand
got a love
so deep in me
can't be stopped by any man

Текст песни Amel Larrieux - All I Got All I Got
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Исполнитель: Amel Larrieux

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