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Last night

I took a walk into the back of my mind

Through the trash and the warning signs

There was a party full of jokes and clichs

I couldnt think of anything to say

And so I slipped into the mens room there

I saw my hair a way its never been before

I took the stairs from my head to my heart

I didnt know they were so far apart

The heart is like a little chapel somewhere,

The pretty lights and the empty chairs

But Im gonna bring a broom next time

Ill sweep out all the broken strings I find

She walks me down to my private train

And lays me down in my sleeping car

She keeps my elephant out of the rain

And sees to the care of my vintage cars

She is the blood of my life

Without her I would starve

Who you gonna run to?

Who you gonna hide behind?

Who you gonna turn to

When theres nobody home but you?

Whats a father to do

With all theses school-less injuns

Running in circles around the wagons

Whats a father to do

With all these monster debts

Around my neck

On a sad sun deck

Oh, my children, the times are jaded

The simple life is complicated

Oh, my children

Now if the dark of the night

Arrives in the middle of the day

Im gonna say my prayer

For sweetness and light,

Gonna fix myself a coke,

And hope its alright

If the bat-winged beast sweep down

For a feast on me

Im gonna pin my soul

To a hot-air balloon

Gonna make it pop

And shoot me to the moon

Now youve had another piece of my mind,

A cup of coffee and a slice of time

If youll excuse me I should say goodbye

I gotta go now.

Текст песни Adrian Belew - 1967 1967
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