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    Abhor - Shamhain (Umbrae Ritualis) текст песни

    Abhor - Shamhain (Umbrae Ritualis)

    During the night when all is visible I open the doors of Wisdom
    Propitious instant for my sacrifice, propitious instant for every request
    Burns, incense of hope! Burns, the torch of knowledge! While, mad human, I pour the blood of madness
    My art is like a trapped bat in a small snare that is life
    Like the ivy that suffocate the oak, now I kneel down myself in front of the Mather: receive us among your arms like imperiture stars, your sons come towards you, sempiternal moon
    Endah hiv Alckhoth
    Dem nevr Isht
    Ehn hat Eshagt
    Morset nevr Isht
    Ca jd ol Faa
    Ca jd ol Hom

    Текст песни Abhor - Shamhain (Umbrae Ritualis) Shamhain (Umbrae Ritualis)
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