2Pac - Who Do You Love? текст песни

[repeat 5X]
Maybe it's the thug in me

Ever since I was a young scrub
I was a thug on the corner with my niggaz slangin drugs
And runnin from the NARC's when they pass by, don't ask why
I'm a hustler, 'til my ass die
Even if I do come up, I'll be ready when they run up, huh
I'll be a nut to put my gun up, huh
I never trust these hoes at all
Fuckin with them tramp-ass sluts you supposed to fall
Said she played you for your money but the shit was cool
Yes it's true, niggaz be bitches too
You can't see how she worked you, all up in the skirt
Now you lookin like a jerk cause she hurt you
Now head's up, don't be a playa hater, just peep game
Keep your mind on your money watch the bitch change
See hoes love thugs, and thugs love loot
Hand it over motherfucker 'fore I shoot - who do you love?

[Chorus: repeat 2X except last line second time]
Maybe it's the thug in me, maybe it's the thug in me
Tell me who do you love?
Maybe it's the thug in me, maybe it's the thug in me
Who do you love?

I'm livin that, thug life bay-bee!
Steady smokin indo, goin cra-zy
Baby come and hug me when you rub me, turn the lights down
We in the dark, do you love me?
Everybody's talkin 'bout they, KNOW ME
But they ain't down like my motherfuckin homies
Tell me what you need when you, SEE ME
And we can get it on, BEOTCH, take it ea-sy
Don't try to hold me, control me
But you can take my number baby call me when you lone-ly
Cause it's a man's world, ain't no need to ask why
I'm high 'til I die, and strapped with my fo'-five
Cause you can lose it in the gutter
I wonder if I'll die by the hands of another broke motherfucker
They call me the alcoholer, I'm all in
Thug for life nigga ballin
I'm gettin tired of these hoes tryin to play me
You can't fade me and my niggaz goin crazy
All day long I'm straight thuggin, and constantly mean muggin
Breakin the bitches that be buggin tell me who do you love?

[Chorus - this time with the last line the second time]

Текст песни 2Pac - Who Do You Love? Who Do You Love?
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