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Let us pray
Heavenly Father
Hear a nigga down here
Before I go to sleep
Tell me, who do you believe in?
Who do you believe in?

I see mothers in black crying
Brothers in packs dying
Plus everybodies high
Too doped up to ask why
Watching our on downfall, witness the end
It's like we don't believe in God
Cuz we living in sin
I asked my homie on the block
Why he strapped, he laughed
Pointed his pistol as the cop car passed and blasted
It's just another murder
Nobody mourns no more
My tear drops getting bigger
But can't figure what I'm crying for
Is it the miniature caskets, little babies
Victims of a stray, from drug dealers gone crazy
Maybe its just the drugs
Visions of how the block was
Crack came and it was strange how it rocked us
Perhaps the underlying fact stay high
Explain genocide
It's when we ride on our own kind
What is it we all fear, reflections in the mirror
We can't escape fate
The end is getting nearer

1 - [2Pac]
Who do you believe in?
I put my faith in God
Blessed and still breathing
And even though it's hard
That's who I believe in
Before I'm leaving, I'm askin' the grieving
Who do you believe in?

Repeat 1

Can't close my eyes cuz all I see is terror
I hate the man in the mirror
Cuz his reflection makes the pain turn realer
Times of armageddon, murder in mass amounts
In this society where only getting the cash counts
I started out as a beginner
Entered the criminal lifestyle became a sinner
I make my money and vacate, evade prison
Went from the chosen one to outcast, unforgiven
And all the hennessy and weed can't hide
The pain I feel inside
You know it's like I'm living just to die
I fall on my knees and beg for mercy
Not knowing if I'm worthy
Living life thinking no man can hurt me
So I'm asking, before I lay me down to sleep
Before you judge me, look at all the shit you did to me
My misery, I rose up from the slums
Made it out the flames
In my search for fame will I change?
And I'm asking

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

Faith in Allah, believe in me, and it's plastic
Cuz so far I done witnessed to many dead niggas in caskets
With they chest plates stretched like elastic
And what's worse I'm on front line
Holding down, camps still mashing
Heard my cousin one of the old heads from the block
Just came home October of 95
Back in Yardsville, stuck with a three to five
If he don't act up, now he realize
If you don't stay wise, then in this game you fucked
Talk to my baby girl
Give me the word on what she heard
One of the grimmies is snitching
Diamond a stool pigeon
I taked to him, he said he didn't
My man said he did, in fact he sure
Cuz he just came home off bail

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

Who do you believe in?
Is it Buddah, Jahova
Or Jah? Or Allah?
Is it Jesus? Is it God?
Or is just yourself?
Definately not to be imposed
Cuz this is the joy of the movement
Men, to believe in yourselves
But for sure, the higher power
Resides only to ride through the hearts of the true
>From the soul of the man
For truth never has an alibi
In the poetry or in this round
That's what pulls our words together
Just to understand that every man is his own man
And only man can satisfy the man
Only the soul of the man
The feelings of the man
The for realness of the man
You can't shake the man when you feel the man
You know the man
And you gotta call yourself because you are that man

[Female singing] (2Pac)
Who do you believe in (I put my faith in God)
Put my faith in God, and
Blessed and still breathing
Even though it's hard (who do you believe in?)
That's who I believe in
Before I'm leaving
I'm asking the grieving (who do you believe in?)
Who do you believe in?
Who do you? (blessed and still breathing)
Oh, blessed (before I'm leaving, I'm asking the grieving)
Oh, blessed (who do you believe in?)
Yeah yeah

Repeat 1

That's who I believe in
Before I'm leaving, I'm asking the grieving
Who do you believe in?
Who do you believe in?
Blessed and still breathing
That's who I believe in
Before I'm leaving, I'm asking the grieving
Who do you believe in?

Who do you believe in? [echoes]

Текст песни 2Pac - Who Do You Believe In Who Do You Believe In
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