2Pac - What Of A Love Unspoken текст песни

Alright, alright {*people applauding*}

I know my heart has lied before
but now it speaks, with honesty
of an invisible bond of friendship, that was formed, in secrecy
Coming from me this may seem hard but, but to God I swear - it's truth
We are friends for eternity and for-ever I will always love.. you..

What of a love unspoken?
Is it weaker without a name?
Does love exist without a title
because I do not share it's name?

All my life I've dreamed of
of meeting one with immense beauty and
and once I found her I would charm her and
and she'd be mine forever (mine forever)
I found her and, indeed she is all that I, wished for and more but she
is not charmed nor intrigued (not charmed, nor intrigued)
Then I think to myself what.. can I offer her
The tears warm my eyes and blur my, vision I
stick to my stance of bravado and give her
the same uninterested look that she, gave, me
(She was so beautiful) She was so beautiful
But what.. can I offer her?

You say that you'll love me forever but
but what about today?
As the dusks become the dawns and the years pass on will you
love me (love me) the same way (the same way)?
If so let us rejoice and bathe in this constant pleasure
If not spare my heart today and I shall recover before, forever
And if my doubts and questions upset you
(forgive my fragile heart) forgive my fragile heart
I just wanted to know if you'd love me forever before today,
would start (would you love me.. would you love me..)

What of a love unspoken?
What of a love unspoken?

{*applause and shouting*}

Текст песни 2Pac - What Of A Love Unspoken What Of A Love Unspoken
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