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floatin through space in a cosmic dream traveling a path that is unseen/cause were in a new dimenshun releasing all the stress pain and tenshun/cause my lyrics are bringin a whole new level i traveled the abyss and i slayed the devil/but that was just a dream so fear not hear not as i scream out GOD'S name in vain because im insane bringin much pain to emcees in this game/because this game i play is not the same i play this game a whole new different way/so put down your head in shame as i aim a 380 automatic to the back of your brain/cause that you'll try to harm me cause im one crazy insane one man army/now prepare yourself to step into my domain its a house full of terror horror and much pain/but its the place where i live where i dwell an indignation a vision of hell/in my imagination i see myself walin through the lake of fire demons beside me sins of desire/and i will aquire another emcee to take a trip with me and we'll go slay the demon beast on this journey/verse 2 its all consiracy engraved in gold an invitation to our deaths so woe behold/i see the signs of the times and now im lookin to the future and its lookin dim/because the the times we all dread are still ahead and im tryin not forget what the bible has said/end times apocolyse six six six and awhole lot of other crazy shit/fire brimstone fallin down from the sky all of these things but dont ask me why/now lets take a trip down a road an grab your nine or a.k's be ready to unload/cause what we will see wont be a pretty sight it will like the streets of oxnard but worse at night/so now that you know its a terror zone i have grip on my mac 10 cause i stand alone/trapped inside a dream wondering what does all this mean/can it be terror mayhem or deception now its time for me to change my direction/cause i can see the path im headed down hellbound now its time for me to turn around/hell is a prison for the evil with no defense attourney here on this cosmic journey/verse 3 danger lurks all around me hounds me and it has found me/lost trapped inside an evil place where there's nowhere to hide but only to face/ demons that corrupt my brain delusions cofusion drivin me insane/torment of unseen force guidin me through an obstacle couse/down insanity headed nowhere fast and wonderin how long will all this sufferin last/but still i try to stay strong and at the same time wonder were did i go wrong/now im stepping into light comin out of the darkness from the night/my eyes bein blinded from day but it is easier to find my way/but i still feel im bein bound down by chains now i look down to ground and i see blood stains/right next to them i can see my cell then realized im goin to hell/so now im tryin to change tryin to be good and put in a way it can be understood/were all headed down that path thats unseen a journey down the path of this cosmic dream

Текст песни 2Pac - The Journey The Journey
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