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Damn...another funeral,another mothafucken funeral
Lord knows
Lord knows
Lord knows
I smoke a blunt ta take tha pain out
and if I wasn't high,I'd probably try and blow my brains out
I'm hopleless
they shoulda tried to kill me as a baby
but,now they got me trapped in tha storm,I'm goin crazy
forgive me
they wanna see me in my casket
and if I don't blast I'll be a victim of tha bastards
I'm loosing hope,they got me stressen,can tha Lord forgive me
got tha spirit of a thug in me
anbother sip of that drink,this hennesse got me queazey
don't wanna hurl,young nigga take it easy
picture your dreams on a triple beam
and it seems
don't underestimate tha power of a feind
to tha homies on tha block
slangin rocks with ya glocks put this tape in your box
when your runnin from tha cops
and never look back
if they could be black
then they would switch
open fire on those busta-ass bitches
and Lord knows...
Lord knows
Lord knows
Lord knows
I wonder if tha Lord will forgive me
or bury me a G
I couldn't let my adversaries worry me
and every single day it's a test
wear a bullet-proof vest
and still a nigga stressen over death
If I could choose when a nigga die
figure I,take a puff on tha blunt
and let my trigga fly
when everyday is another death
with every breath,it's a constant threat
so watch your step
you could be next if ya want to
who do ya run to?
murderin niggas,look what it's come to
my memories bring me misory
and life is hard in tha ghetto,it's insanity
I can't breath got me thinkin,what do hell got?
cause I done suffered so much,I'm feelin shell shocked
and drive-by's are an everyday thang
I already lost to many homies to this mothafucken game
and Lord knows...
Lord knows
Lord knows
Lord knows
Fuck tha Five-o cause they after me
kill me if they could
I'll never lett'em capture me
I lost too many niggas to this gangbangin
homie dies in my arms,with his brains hangin
fucked up!
I had to tell him it was alright
and that's a lie,and he knew it when he shook and died
my God
eventhough I know I'm wrong man
Hennesee make a nigga think he strong,man
I can't sleep,so I stay up
don't wanna
fuck them bitches,try to calm me sown
I ain't given up
I'm getten lost in tha weed,man
gettin high
livin everyday,like I'm gonna die(gonna die,gonna die)
I smoke a blunt to take tha pain out
and if I wasn't high
probably try ta blow my brains out
Lord knows.....
Lord knows
Lord knows......
1995 Interscope Records
all rights reserved
transcribed by:Gurjeet Litt

Текст песни 2Pac - Lord Knowz Lord Knowz
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