2Pac - How Long Will They Mourn Me? текст песни

All my homies drinkin liqour
Tears in everybody's eyez
Niggaz cry to mourn a homies homicide
But i can't cry instead I'm just a shoulda
Damn! Why'd they take another souldier?
I load my clip before my eyez blurry
Don't worry I'll get them suckas back before your buried, Shit
Retaliate and pull a 187
The Real niggaz get to go to heaven
How long will they mourn me
Bury me a muther fucking G
Bitch don't wanna die then don't fuck wit me
Its kinda hard to be optimistic
When your homie's lying dead on the pavement twisted
Ya'll don't hear me tho
I'm trying hard to make ammends
When I'm losing all my mutha fucking friends
Damn, they shoulda shot me when i was born
Now I'm trapped in the muth fucking storm
How long will they mourn me?
(I wish it woulda been another)
How long will they mourn me?
(How long will they mourn my brotha)
*repeat chorus*
Every mutha fucking day homie
You stayed down when the other niggaz didn't know me
From my heart to the trigga
You my fuckin Nigga
And things won't be the same without ya nigga
I remember kicking back you wanted a Lack
And going half on a mutha fuckin hundred sack
Smokin blunt after blunt
With steady drinkin
Hung around so much
You knew what i was thinkin
Tell me lord why you take big Kato?
So confuzed not knowing which way to go
I'm going crazy runnin outta fuckin time
I can't take it I'm losing my fucking mind
So day after day, ride after ride
We'll hook up on the other side
Watch over your family and your new born
Till we meet again homie
How long will they mourn me?


A nigga tired of feeling sad
I'm tired of putting in work
I'm tired of crying while watching my homies leave the earth
I know soon one day I'll be in the dirt
And my people's be mourning
When thay get a call from the coroner
All niggaz can say is that's fucked up
And get tossed up
Reminscing how we grew up
Rest and love to my nigga Kato
See you in the crossroads real soon
For now let me pour out some brew
I'll be always thinkin of ya homie
Rest in peace
How long will they mourn me?

Ya know life's a fuckin trip
And everybody gotta go
But why the fuck it have to be my nigga Kato
Another nigga fell victim to the chrome
Its enough to make ya crazy
Its fuckin with my dome
Ya only live once on this earth
A nigga had it bad
Since the day of mutha fuckin birth
But niggas say they down
And they always be my homie
But when a nigga gone
How long will they mourn me?


Текст песни 2Pac - How Long Will They Mourn Me? How Long Will They Mourn Me?
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