2Pac - Bury Me A G текст песни

* Walker sings and harmonizes over the Chorus

Bury me a G.. Thug Life, feel me

Thinkin back, reminiscin on my teens
A young G, gettin paid offa dopefiends
Fuckin off cash that I made
Nigga what's the sense of workin hard if you never get to play?
I'm hustlin, stayin out 'til it's dawn
And comin home, at 6 o'clock in the mornin
Hands on my glock, eyes on the prize
Finger on the trigger when a nigga ride
Shootin craps, bustin niggaz out the do'
Pick my money off the flo', God bless the tre-fo'
Stuck on full, drunk again
Sippin on gin with a couple of friends (ha ha)
Say them Thug Life niggaz be like major pimps
Stickin to the rules wasn't made for sin (beotch!)
And if I die, let it be
But when they come for me, bury me a G

[Chorus 2X: 2Pac]
I ain't got time for bitches
Gotta keep my mind on my motherfuckin riches
Even when I die, they won't worry me
Mama don't cry, bury me a G

More trouble than the average
Just made 25 and I'm livin like a savage
Bein a G it ain't no easy thing
Cause you could fuck around get crossedand get stuck in the game
And for the rest of your life you will sit, and reminisce
Wonder why it had to end like this
And to the G's you can feel my pain
until the motherfucker gets born again

[The Rated R]
You thought I was a game kid, I'm not the nigga for playin games
I let my buckshots rang when I pull the trigger on my gauge
I'm on a rampage makin runs for the devil
Ain't nothin on my mind but gettin in some trouble
I'm tired of hidin double-ups from the hold-up
Just to get a nigga for some blunts, or in some jewelry store
(BREAK YO'SELF!) I gives a fuck niggaz outta luck when I bust
Put me to my death but I'm a G 'til the enemy bury me


[Big Syke]
I got nothin tp lose so I choose to be a killer
Went from bangin to slangin now I'ma dope dealer
All my life payed tha price, to be the boss
Back in school wrote the rules, on gettin tossed
Poppin rocks on the block was a pasttime
Pack a 9 all the time, you wanna test mine?
Don't cry, I'd die before they play me
From the cradle to the grave, bury me a G

Straight Thug G, kickin it with the homies in the hood
Gettin drunk, smokin blunts, a bitch said I'm no good
I gives a fuck I spend my time in the dope spot
Never had no time for no bitch when slangin rocks
And bustin caps on you punk ass marks
Fake-ass G's, bitch niggaz with no heart
I'm stayin real 'til I'm six feet deep
So when a nigga gone, just bury me a G


Stuck on full, Tanqueray got a nigga high
Lord knows I don't need another DUI
I live the Thug Life, heartless hustler
Just cause I fucked, don't mean I trust her
Now my pager's vibratin, can't sleep
So I'm mobbin to the ho's house, bumpin Isley
Is it cool to fuck is what I'm askin
Bitch recognize game and start laughin
Now I'm all in the guts and shit (Nigga you crazy!)
Prayin that a nigga don't nut too quick
Cause I'll fuck and get up, I let ya know (beotch!)
I'll be a ten minute brother for a two-dollar ho
Lots of hoes get mad and shit (ha ha)
I let a trick be a trick you can have that bitch
Cause I doubt if I change; the game's a motherfucker
Real niggaz turn to bustas, bury me a G

[Chorus] - repeat to end

[2Pac - over Chorus at the end]
Don't cry don't cry cause I ain't got time for bitches
Fuck them bitches y'know?!
Them hoes can die for all I care, this a Thug Life thang BEOTCH!
Reminisce, and I ain't got time for bitches, bitches.. hahaha..

Текст песни 2Pac - Bury Me A G Bury Me A G
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